Scientific Career


  • Associate Member, Herder Institute Research Academy, Herder Institute for Historical Research on East Central Europe - Institute of the Leibniz Association, Marburg, since 10.2018.
  • Doctoral Candidate, Bamberg Graduate School of Historical Studies, since 08.2018.
  • Research Assistant, Professorship of Historical Geography (Prof. Dr. Andreas Dix), University of Bamberg, since 04.2018.


  • Guest Researcher, Research Centre for Cultural and Historical Geography, Charles University, Prague, 01.-03.2020.
  • Guest Researcher, Collegium Carolinum, Research Institute for the History of the Czech Lands and Slovakia, Munich, 07.-09.2019.
  • Student Assistant, Professorship of Historical Geography (Prof. Dr. Andreas Dix), University of Bamberg, 03.2017-03.2018.
  • Intern, Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Berlin, 02.-04.2017.
  • Student Assistant, Chair of Cultural Geography (Prof. Dr. Marc Redepenning), University of Bamberg, 06.2016-11.2017.
  • Student Lecturer, Chair of Sociology (Dr. Thorsten Benkel), University of Passau, 05.2014-03.2016.
  • Intern, Deutscher Bundestag (German Federal Parliament), Berlin, 02.-03.2015.
  • Student Assistant, Chair of Comparative Development and Cultural Studies with a focus on Southeast Asia (Prof. Dr. Martina Padmanabhan), University of Passau, 04.2013-04.2014.
  • Field research, Dusan Manuksesa (Bali, Indonesia), topic: environmental policy and education in Indonesia based on a sustainable wast management system, 08.-09.2013.
  • Student Assistant, Chair of Southeast Asian Studies I (Prof. Dr. Tilman Schiel), University of Passau, 09.2012-03.2013.


  • Master of Arts - MA, Social and Population Geography, University of Bamberg, master thesis: Space, Identity and Recollection. Old and New Border Relations in Reunified Germany, final grade: 1,1, 03.2018.
  • Bachelor of Arts - BA, Governance and Public Policy, University of Passau, bachelor thesis: The social construction of unborn life. A sociology of knowledge perspective on the formation of legal norms in the context of embryonic stem cell research, final grade: 1,8, 03.2016.

Third-party funding and awards

  • Teaching Grant, International Summer School, University of Bamberg and University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice, Bavarian-Czech Academic Agency (6.000 €), 03.2021.
  • Research Grant (0,5 years), Bavarian-Czech Academic Agency (9.000 €), 06.2020.
  • Research Grant (2,5 years), joint application with Prof. Dr. Andreas Dix (Bamberg) and doc. Dr. phil. Lukáš Novotný M.A. (Ústí nad Labem), Bavarian-Czech Academic Agency (43.408 €), 06.2019.
  • Mobility Grant, Bavarian-Czech Academic Agency (1.000 €), 03.2019.
  • Academic Project Grant, International Winter School, University of Bamberg and Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem, Bavarian-Czech Academic Agency (5.578,00 €), 11.2018.
  • PhD Scholarship (3 years), sdw Foundation of German Business (52.200 €), 08.2018.
  • Mobility Grant, Bavarian-Czech Academic Agency (700 €) 05.2018.
  • Internal Research Funding (FNK), joint application with Prof. Dr. Andreas Dix (Bamberg), University of Bamberg (4.915 €).

Organisation of meetings and workshops

  • International Winter School, "Transnational Perspectives in the Bavarian-Czech border region", University of Bamberg, in cooperation with Dr. phil. Markéta Ederová (České Budějovice), with 5 students and 2 researchers each from Germany and the Czech Republic, 11.2021.
  • Central European Conference of Historical Geographers, University of Bamberg, Local Organizing Committee, cancelled due to Corona, 06.2020.
  • International Winter School, "Czech-German Relations: Space, Society and Time", University of Bamberg, in cooperation with doc. Dr. phil. Lukáš Novotný M.A. (Ústí nad Labem), with 10 students and 5 researchers each from Germany and the Czech Republic, 11.2018.


  • Association of Historians of Germany (VHD, Verband der Historiker und Historikerinnen Deutschlands), also working group "Regional History/Landesgeschichte", since 2019.
  • German Association for East European Studies (DGO, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Osteuropakunde), also expert groups "Geography" and "History", since 2018.
  • Working Comittee for Historical Cultural Landscape Research in Central Europe (ARKUM, Arbeitskreis für historische Kulturlandschaftsforschung in Mitteleuropa e.V.), since 2018.
  • Association for Geography at German-speaking Universities and Research Institutions (VGDH, Verband für Geographie an deutschsprachigen Hochschulen und Forschungseinrichtungen), since 2018.
  • Historische Geographie Bamberg e.V., Geographical Society, since 2017, founding member and currently CFO.

Selected media articles

  • "Es wird auch ein Unternehmen-Sterben geben", published by LandesEcho. Zeitschrift der Deutschen in der Tschechischen Republik, 11.03.2021.
  • "Čeští pendleři jsou pro Bavorsko klíčoví. Část z nich teď ovšem o práci přijde“, published by Hospodářské Noviny, 09.03.2021. 
  •  „Uzavírka hranic a osud českých pendlerů jsou v SRN tématem bádání“, published by, 17.02.2021.
  • "Uni Bamberg erforscht Einreisebeschränkungen", radio interview, Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bayern 2, regionalZeit), 17.02.2021.